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Client Testimonials

  • If you’d like help getting your Super in order, getting some great advice on all areas of your money, Ryan Baker is passionate and well informed. He is my Financial Adviser and I couldn’t be happier. Ryan can help with formulating a budget for you – a real budget, as well as well as so many other things. I had no idea the length and breadth of what I was missing out on and the money I was wasting.


  • Ryan has looked after my Super for over 5 years. Apart from the fact that I now have my Super sorted I now have someone I can call when I have a question and feel comfortable knowing that someone is looking after my finances. When I first saw Ryan he spent the time explaining how things work, where I can save money and sorted my insurances out too. Each year we sit down to discuss where I am at and how things have been going. I’d certainly recommend him to anyone who needs help sorting out their finances, super or insurance.